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Davide Halevim

How did you become a collector?
You do not become collectors. We were born onw. Then comes only the moment when “the disease” appears. To me happened in 1976, when I purchased my f irst “vintage” watch. Watches are also the only jewels that a man can wear…

What are the key features for your profession?

Two can be only congenital: sensitivity and taste.
For the third,the experience, it takes character, method and discipline …

How do you cHoose tHe objects for your boutiques?
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry in the Little Prince said “We cannot see well that with the heart. What is essential is invisible to the eye”. For this reason I purchase jewelry and watches with the hear t. Never with the head…

If i tell you david Halevim, tHis time tHinking about tHe actor, wHat do you answer?
As a boy I was full of dreams. One of which was to be an actor.And given that dreams have no age, at for ty-f ive I lef t the job I was doing and I decided to dedicate myself to acting. I’ve always loved the movies and the theatre. Today, when professional commitments allow me, I per form in the theater, my last experience on stage dates back to two years ago in Rome and Milan but for the next year I planned a “piece” in Paris …
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